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New theme and setting up online courses with Sensei

Today I worked on setting up a new theme on my shop ( which is a non-Storefront based WooCommerce-built theme. It ended up having too many little display issues with WooCommerce memberships though so I ended up switching back to just plain Storefront for now.

Additionally, I also dove into creating an online course with Sensei that is free for members:

I have the basics set up and tried using one of my members (Sam!) to access the content and see what the experience is like.

First off, I forgot that I never actually purchased a basic membership for Sam’s account, but I was able to move the order to the correct customer by editing the order so that the membership now shows up under the account.

Next, I had initially set up the access incorrectly (as a subscription not as a membership), so I had to revise the settings per the instructions for selling courses using memberships. Things can get a bit confusing when you are selling Subscription Memberships!

Link explaining how to do it:

Now it’s working like it should!

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