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The Project

This site is an art experiment of sorts. My goal with it is to build a broad understanding of how to build a sophisticated online shop for artists and creatives. The hope is that by building this I can help the community of artists out there looking to earn a living by their work, as well as anyone looking to run their own shop online. Everything on the site will be built on using both free as well as paid plugins/extensions.

Summary of features of the shop (as of 28/06/2020):

  • Art prints and merchandise available for sale with drop-shipping fulfillment and digital download
  • Virtual and in-person workshops available to purchase and schedule
  • Online courses available to purchase and consume from the site
  • Recurring memberships available to purchase for access to digital downloads and courses, purchase discounts, and special offers

Additional features that I’d like to add as well:

  • Email newsletter integration for store marketing and member content
  • The ability for customers to purchase packs (i.e. pack of 5) workshops that they can then schedule when they like

More updates to come on what I’m using, how I’ve set things up and how much it costs. Thanks for visiting!

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